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Selenium & Bromine Automated Web Testing Training

With more sophisticated web sites, the proliferation of web browsers and the mainstream adoption of Agile development methods, it has never been so important for your test teams to have access to automated web testing tools and the skills to exploit them.

Selenium is an Open Source testing tool for web applications that automates browser actions, simulating user interactions with the web page. Because
Selenium works within the browser, it can easily test client-side JavaScript; Selenium tests also execute in a wide range of web browsers, operating systems and programming languages.

ObjektDev offers a range of training courses, primarily aimed at two types of test consultants - those who have programming skills and those that don't; developers can also benefit from the more advanced API-based courses.

Each course can be tailored at no additional charge and delivered either at your site or our superb, fully-equipped training facility in the City of London, UK.

Contact us to discuss your particular requirements and how we can help you maximise your testing effort in an Agile world.


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