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Consulting - Leveraging the Model

ObjektDev’s consultants are innovative thinkers with the ability to bridge the gap between technology and the business. They are capable of auditing, architecting systems, designing, developing, coaching, mentoring and training at various levels of seniority.

Wealth of Experience

Our consultants are obviously self-starters but also possess the soft skills to work effectively as part of an integrated project team. All are University educated with over 10 years commercial experience.

Achieving full potential

By working with you we can help your organisation achieve its full potential. We seek out best practise within your organisation and, through our open approach, promote it so that everyone can benefit

Fixed Price or Targetted T&M

Assignments range from one day's ad-hoc consultancy to longer term arrangements to work as part of a project team. Where requirements are well-understood and documented, ObjektDev can operate under a fixed price agreement.




ObjektDev has award-winning credentials for developing migration strategies. It understands the issues faced when planning a major migration of legacy technologies and processes to a modern platform. We audit the technological landscape to build a picture of the current processes, workflows and artefacts that can be recovered.

We can investigate various technologies and present a trade-off report to assist technical management in coming to an informed decision on the way forward. Part of the investigation may include bridging technologies to automate as much of the migration as is possible, wrapping solutions to reduce redevelopment costs or innovative ‘Brownfield’ approaches that cap costs and limit risk.

We can also assist in the documentation, planning, rollout, training and monitoring of the new processes.

Requirements Engineering

Without a solid understanding of what is required, any project is doomed to some degree of failure. ObjektDev has worked with many clients in building robust requirements models, resulting in successful implementations on time and within budget:

  • Requirements elicitation and elaboration
  • Use case workshop facilitation
  • Scenario-based modelling
  • Domain modelling
  • Stateful / lifecycle modelling
  • Requirements management and traceability
  • Requirements analysis

A successful design is one that balances many contradictions; it embodies best practise without being over-complicated; it implements the requirements now yet remains extensible for the future; it is delivered on-time and within budget.

This is where ObjektDev’s strength lies. Our design experience is a blend of best practise, technological expertise and innovative thinking. We apply Model Driven Generation technology appropriately, exploiting the latest standards, such as the UML2.1 and SysML and deploying architectural and design patterns.

Design and development tools include Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, NUnit, NCover and CruiseControl.


 The purpose of testing is twofold: to validate the requirements have been met and verify that no defects have been introduced in the process of implementing the requirements - achieving these objectives with limited resources is no easy task.

ObjektDev espouses some of the Agile approach to testing - it should be done early in the lifecycle, it should be frequent as part of the edit-build-run-test cycle and in some cases Test Driven Development (TDD) is appropriate. But there is not a 'one size fits all' philosophy for testing.

We have many years experience of testing various types of systems from safety-critical to mission-critical. We have also innovated new approaches to testing, combining the Model Driven approach with Open Source software such as FIT.

We frequently use NUnit, NCover, CruiseControl, Selenium and FIT to achieve these elusive goals.

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