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Expanding the possibilities of EA

Maybe you have discovered the rich features of EA, its full UML2.3 compliance, its support for TOGAF or Zachman, or simply its remarkable price tag?

Well, now you want to further leverage your investment by integrating EA into your organisation's processes, toolsets and workflows or enhance EA's code generation or documenting capabilities?

Bespoke Plug-ins

ObjektDev can develop a professional bespoke plug-in or add-in to perform these mundane tasks. We have developed an EA code framework that allows us to develop a bespoke plug-in to suit your requirements, very quickly. Examples of bespoke plug-ins we have developed are an ORM generator, specialist code generator and a third-party tool integrator. Contact us to learn how quickly we can generate an EA plug-in for you.

MDA Transformation and Code Generation

Maybe you wish to exploit EA's MDA capabilities further? You wish a transformation to be developed for your PIM? We have the expertise and in-depth understanding of EA's underlying macros to develop a transformation for your project.

Enterprise Architect

Document Templates

When regulatory standards or internal processes are imposed, you are required to generate documents in the appropriate format from EA. Working with EA's document templates is not a trivial task - that's where we come in. With our extensive knowledge of EA's document templates, we can have you generating professional, standards-driven documents very quickly.



Why waste your development team's time customising EA?

Your development team is capable of customising EA but how long will it take to learn the API, object model and underlying database schema? Why invest in skills that will be used once or twice on a project? We know EA inside-out and have built-up many code assets that can be leveraged on project after project.

Challenge us to improve your ALM with an EA plug-in

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