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Project Management with Enterprise Architect


This course is designed for project managers and those involved with managing UML projects using Enterprise Architect (EA) from Sparx Systems. The delegates are introduced to the UML, all 13 diagrams and which ones are the most useful. They will then contrast software development lifecycles, how requirements can be captured in EA, derived use cases generated and traced back to the requirements. Furthermore, User Acceptance Tests/System Tests are also documented within EA to complete the requirements and test coverage.

EA's built-in Use Case Point estimation (Karner method) is explored and contrasted with other techniques such as COCOMO. Further project management tasks such as estimation, tracking and oversight are then addressed using Time Architect - a plug-in for EA to illustrate worked examples. EA's mtarix is investigated to measure requirements and test coverage.

Ongoing software maintenance is covered, with a view on how to track issues, changes and builds within EA.

Through this intensive course delegates will learn how projects and teams can be successfully managed with EA.

Key facts
Course ID: 4001
Cost: £395 + VAT
Duration: 1 Day
Can be tailored: Yes


  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders 
  • Managing software development 


The UML2.1 and the 13 diagrams
Enterprise Architect
An overview of SDLC

Requirements Capture

Model organisation
Creating EA Requirements
Defining linkage and traceability

Use Case Modelling

Identifying scope
Identifying actors and stakeholders
Uncovering use cases
Documenting use cases textually
Generating a use case model


Use Case Points (Karner)
Complexity vs. KSLOC
Weighting Use Cases


Test Definition

Overview of test types
Defining UAT, Systems and Integration Tests
Tracing tests to requirements
Weighting Test Cases

Planning & Tracking

Task planning with EA and Time Architect
Tracking and measuring progress


How to generate documents from EA
Customisng EA document generation
TA report generation
Using the matrix


Tracking problems, issues and changes
Dealing with builds



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