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Scrum with Enterprise Architect


This course is specifically designed for those wishing to learn about the Scrum Framework and applying it using Enterprise Architect (EA) from Sparx Systems; it is delivered by a Certified Scrum Master (CSM).

The course first focuses on understanding the Scrum Framework through the Scrum roles, processes and artefacts. It then introduces EA and identifies how this award-winning toolset can be extended (with UML profiles) to support the Scrum Framework.

The course will then lead the delegates through a 'typical' Scrum lifecycle, considering the definition of the Product Backlog, planning and executing Sprints and the retrospective meeting.

The course will be particularly hands-on with delegates being involved in the full Scrum lifecycle, using EA where appropriate.

This course is particularly useful in support of the ScrumMaster to bring the team up to speed on the Scrum concepts and using EA, without having to attend a Scrum Master training course.

Key facts
Course ID: 4002
Cost: £395 VAT
Duration: 1 Day
Can be tailored: Yes


  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • And those with an interest in Agile development and EA


Agile software development
Scrum Framework
Enterprise Architect

Introduction to Scrum 

The roles of  Business Owner/Manager, Product Owner,
ScrumMaster and Development Team
The Scrum Lifecycle
The Scrum Engine
Artefacts including User Stories, Product Backlog,
Sprint Backlog, Impediments, Burndown Chart,
Releases and Results 

Introduction to Enterprise Architect

The concept of the repository, elements and diagrams
Organising the model
The model browser and navigating
How to create elements and use the toolboxes
Setting the options
Tricks and tips

Requirements Management & Traceability

Defining requirements and use cases
Linking requirements and use cases
Generating impact analys reports


What are UML profiles?
Defining profiles in EA
How we can use profiles to support the Scrum Framework


Product Backlog

What does it contain?
Defining features and user stories in EA
Sizing and priorisation techniques
Using EA to define a Task Board (Kanban)

Planning Sprints

Acceptance criteria (when is done, done?)
Identifying and modelling Tasks in EA
Creating a model in EA

Running the Sprint

Daily standup Meetings
Measuring and reporting progress/velocity
Burndown Charts
Updating EA during the sprint


What is the retrospective meeting?
Understanding what happened
Technical debt
Team organisation
Managing impediments

Teamworking /Source Control

How to work effectively as a team with EA



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